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Math Word Problems 2nd Grade

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Solved Examples

Question 1:  There are 10 rows of tea cups. Each row has 3 cups. How many cups are there altogether?
Total number of rows = 10

Number of cups contain by each row = 3

=> Number of cups are = Total number of rows *  Number of cups contain by each row

= 10 * 3

= 30

Hence there are 30 cups.

Question 2: Briteny has 32 marbles. She got 10 marbles from Jarin and 12 from Janita. How many marbles given by Jany to her.
Number of marbles she have = 32

Number of marbles given by Jarin = 10

Number of marbles given by Janita = 12

=> Number of marbles given by Jany = Number of marbles she have - (Number of marbles given by Jarin + Number of marbles given by Janita)

= 32 - (10 + 12)

= 32 - 22

= 10

Hence Jany gave her 10 marbles.


Question 3: There are 2 cakes. Each cake is cut into 4 pieces. How many pieces are there in all?

Number of cakes = 2

Pieces of one cake = 4

=> Total number of pieces = Number of cakes * Pieces of one cake

= 2 * 4

= 8

Hence there are 8 pieces in all.


Question 4: Sujain has 27 dollars. Each clip costs 3 dollar. How many clips can she buy.
Since Sujain have 27 dollars

Cost of each clip = 3 dollar

=> Number of clips she can buy = $\frac{27}{3}$ = 9

=> She can buy 9 clips.