With math you can never start too early. Getting kids used to solving problems and practicing them is a very useful habit, which really pays off in the long run. After all, the subject is not going anywhere for the rest of their school lives and besides, math is something we all use in our everyday lives. Help children develop a positive approach to the subject by working with them on math problems for kids. Math problems for kids are generally simple and easy so that kids can understand and solve them quickly, sparking interest in the subject and further learning. Use different kinds of problems, using things and situations children can relate to. If you need help finding problems, you can always turn to the internet. Free math problems for kids are available in plenty and are easily accessible too.

Math Problems for Kids Online   

The internet is a great source of simple math problems for kids who are learning the basics of the subject. Several websites offer free math help and mini lessons encompassing all the theory that kids need to know for a particular topic. Online math problems are there any time you need them; kids can go online themselves and work out sums. Attractive websites, colorful font and graphics all add to the experience and kids will find the short step by step explanations easy to follow and understand.

Solved Examples

Question 1: On Christmas day, Chely got 5 chocolates from her father, three from her mother and two chocolates from her elder brother. How many chocolates she have.

Number of chocolates she got from her father = 5

Number of chocolates she got from her mother = 3

Number of chocolates she got from her elder brother = 2

Total number of chocolates she have = 5 + 3 + 2 = 10

So Chely have 10 chocolates.


Question 2: There are 40 fruit trees planted in 8 rows. How many fruit trees are there in each row?

Total number of trees = 40

Total number of rows = 8

=> Fruit trees are planted in each row = $\frac{40}{8}$ = 5

=> 5 fruit trees are there in each row.

Math Word Problems for Kids

Online math helpers have different levels of problems for kids to solve according to their skills and grasp on the subject. Tricky math problems for kids pose the challenge that students who find the subject easy may require. All problems also have the answers so that kids can check their answers and have a reference in case they get stuck. Word problems in math usually take some getting used to. Online math word problems for kids help students understand the method to tackle these problems. Kids will find plenty of math word problems online to practice with as well as handy tips to help make sense of the questions.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Michele has 18 dollars in her purse. How many dolls can she buy if each doll costs 2 dollar?

Since Michele have 18 dollars

Cost of each doll = 2 dollar

=> Number of dolls she can buy = $\frac{18}{2}$ = 9

=> She can buy 9 dolls.

Question 2: Jacson gave gifts to his one brother and three sisters. He bought 6 gifts. How many gifts now he have?
Let Jacson have x number of gifts.

Number of brothers = 1

Number of sisters= 3

The problem states:

=> x + 1 + 3 = 6


=> x + 4 = 6

Subtract 4 from both sides

=> x + 4 - 4 = 6 - 4

=> x = 2

=> Jacson has 2 gifts.